Important Notice:

The application period of the new round of E-APP will start from 7 December. Information of participating institutions have been updated.

Electronic Advance Application System for Post-secondary Programmes


General Questions

E-APP is a one stop online application system developed for Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) candidates in the current academic year. Applicant may lodge advance applications for full-time locally-accredited sub-degree and undergraduate programmes (including self-financing programmes that are not covered by Joint University Programmes Admision System (JUPAS) via E-APP before the release of HKDSE result.

Programme information is listed on E-APP website. You can also visit Information Portal for Accredited Post-secondary Programmes (iPASS) under Concourse website for more programme information.

Apart from using E-APP, some institutions accept direct application. Applicants may contact the respective institution for details.

Application for both rounds of E-APP will be passed to respective institutions for processing. In general, institutions will first process applications that are submitted on or before the deadline for E-APP main round application.

No. E-APP and JUPAS are two separate application systems. Your JUPAS application will not be affected if you apply for the programme(s) via E-APP.

Around 29 institutions and their subsidiaries are taking part in the new round of the E-APP. You can refer the application details of the participating institutions on the E-APP website.

E-APP will encrypt your personal data and keep the data confidential. Only the authorised parties can have access to and handle your personal data. For details, please read the statement of privacy policy on E-APP.

You can start the online chat service by clicking the "Chat Now" icon on the right edge of the webpage. You can chat with us by typing your questions in the chat box. The response time may vary during peak hours. Please be patient and avoid sending messages repeatedly. You can click [X] in the upper right corner of the chat box to end the enquiry session.

Account Registration

You are required to submit

  1. the eform for the Manual Account Creation/ Update;
  2. a copy of your HKDSE Candidate Entry Information Checklist or Admission Form issued by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA); and/or
  3. Other supporting documents (if needed).

The application will be processed within 10 working days. If your E-APP account is successfully established, E-APP will send an "Account Activation Letter" with a password to your email address. If you are still not able to create account, please contact the E-APP service hotline 3104 2560 or send an email to

If the user name is already in use, please use another one. If your mobile phone number or e-mail address has been used, you should check whether you have registered an E-APP account before.

E-APP is an online application system for HKDSE candidates in the current academic year. If you are not a current HKDSE candidate, please contact respective institutions direct for application matters.

If applicant cannot find the verification email, please check the trash / junk folder of your email account. If you do not receive the verification SMS or if the verification SMS expires, you can try again. The system will resend the verification code to you.

System Login

You can make use of "Forget user name & password" function provided on the "Applicant Login" page. You have to provide the information required for identity authentication; so as to retrieve you user name or reset your password. The system will automatically send the user name or system-generated password to your registered email.

For security reasons, if you enter an incorrect user name or password for multiple times, your account will be locked. Under normal circumstances, your E-APP account will be automatically unlocked in 30 minutes.

No. However, we encourage you to fill in your feedback so that we can continue to improve the E-APP system for a better user experience.

For the eform of "Create Account", "Applicant Profile" and "Manual Account Creation/ Update", you can follow the steps below to auto-fill in part of your applicant information through "iAM Smart" function:

  1. Click the "Form filling with iAM Smart e-ME" button;
  2. Scan the QR Code displayed on E-APP with the iAM Smart App installed on your mobile phone;
  3. Authorise E-APP to fill in your personal information by tapping "To fill" and "Agree to use" on your iAM Smart App.

For further details, please visit:

Applicant Profile

Please check that the file name should not exceed 40 characters or contain any special symbols. The file size should be less than 3MB.

If you do not have the school examination results, please input "N/A" in the "Grade" column and explain the reason in the "Remarks" column for intuitions’ references.

Change of Applicant Profile

Go to "Applicant Profile" and click to update your personal particulars. Then click "Confirm" to complete the process.

You can change your name by submitting the eform for "Manual Account Creation/ Update".
Steps: Login your account > Go to "My Application" > Select "Application Profile" >Click for filling the form.

Once the E-APP account is created, the user name cannot be changed.

After logged into the E-APP, you can select "Change Password" under your account menu. The new password must consist of 8 to 20 characters, numbers, uppercase, lowercase letters and cannot be the same as previous 8 password used.


Application Submission

There is no limit on the number of institutions that you may apply for via E-APP. However, individual institution may restrict the number of its programmes in each application and require applicant to prioritise the selected programmes.

Although submitted application cannot be withdrawn through E-APP, you can submit a programme change request to modify your programme choice(s). You may also enquire the institution you applied about the withdrawal of your application.

As institutions handle applications differently, please pay attention to the emails and messages from the institution you have applied to. If you have any questions on the application information and admission arrangement, please contact the respective institution for enquiries.

"Programme Selected (Not Yet Submitted)" allows you to save and review your choices of programme(s) before submission. You can proceed your application after setting your priority of programme choices. The application(s) you have submitted to institution(s) can be found in "Programme Application (Submitted)".

Participating institutions will obtain your application through E-APP. Where applicable, the institutions will arrange an interview with you and/or give you a conditional offer. They will then announce the application results according to their own procedures. In addition to informing the applicants direct, the institutions will update your application status and progress on E-APP. In the application and selection process, each participating institution will assess the applications based on their own admission criteria. Hence, admission is at the full discretion of the institution concerned.

You can identify suitable study pathways and apply for programs that you are interested in via E-APP. You can also save your favourite programme(s) to "My Favourite" and recall for programme submission later.

Change of Programme Choices

After submitting the application on E-APP, you may submit a request for the change of programme to most of the institutions. Changes will only be effected on E-APP after the confirmation by the institution concerned.

You can "Edit/ Add" your programme choice under the menu of "Programme Application (Submitted)". The change request of the programme choices will be sent to the institutions direct for process. If it is accepted, the records of the programme choices in the E-APP will be replaced. Otherwise, the record will be retained.

You can apply programme changes during the first and second rounds of application. However, some institutions may not accept any application for the change of programme choice. You can refer to the application information of the "Participating Institutions" on the E-APP website.

Application Fee

E-APP does not charge any fee. Institutions may, however, require an application fee according to their own admission arrangement. For details, please refer to the application information in the "Participating Institutions" Page.

The amount and calculation method of the application fee charged by each institution are different. Some institutions use "pay per application" method, while others may use "pay per course" (i.e. the number of programmes enrolled) method to calculate the application fee.

After submitting the application through the E-APP, it takes time for the institution to process your application and send you an email about the payment of the application fee. Please check your email mailbox (including the main mail box, social network mail box, promotional content mail box and spam mail box, etc.). You can also use the search mail function to check whether there is any email from corresponding institutions.

Last Review Date: 29/09/2023